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ANDARAS Traveling Film Festival 2020 - from 19 to 23 August. Check out the finalists.

The difficulties given by the emergency we are experiencing have not appeased our thirst for cinema, the desire to travel far and to set off for a new adventure.

The Andaras Traveling Film Festival has among its objectives the one of snatching people from a state of isolation, and precisely for this reason we have decided to move forward in this direction, especially in a delicate moment such as the current one. Let's keep our spirits spirit high then, because from 19 to 23 August in Fluminimaggiore, a small town in the Sulcis area nestled between sea and mountains, there will be the second edition of ANDARAS, the film festival dedicated to travel and to those who never stop chasing the horizon.

The event will take place in all safety and in compliance with ministerial directives, without forgetting the spirit of union and sharing that has always distinguished us. The second edition will be full with emotions and more: filmmakers, artists, actors, photographers, workshops, exhibitions, interviews, culture, and all that good food, good wine and a wild territory can offer.

Five days of meetings, debates and screenings in which the 26 works selected by the Festival management will be presented. Pack your bags and follow us. Many more news soon.

The finalists of the second edition of the ANDARAS Traveling Film festival

APOLLO 18 (Italy, 8’) - Marco Renda - Narrative Short

Sono Schizzato (Italy, 13’) - Carlo Licheri - Docu Short

A Visual Journey through Iran (USA, 5’) - Ebrahim Mirmalek - Gazes from the World

Super Eastbound Bros. (Germany, 20’) - Waldemar Schleicher - Docu Short

Euthanize Yousef Kargar (Iran, 20’) - Yousef Kargar - Narrative Short

FUEGO (France, 20’) - Vladimir Bodiroga - Gazes from the World

Eaten (Iran,7’) - Mohsen Rezapour - Narrative Short

MAL DI PLASTICA (Italy, 28’) - Diego Zicchetti - Docu Short

L’Affitto (Italy, 7’) - Antonio Miorin - Narrative Short

F Ø R O Y A R • The Faroe Islands (UK, 3’) - Jack Watson - Super Short

IT'S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide) (Canada, 6’) - Daniela Di Salvo - Narrative Short

The Big Escape (Italy, 2’) - Hermes Mangialardo - Super Short

ANNA (UK,15’) - Dekel Berenson - Narrative Short

Darien Wanderers (Colombia,10’) - Lucas Serna Rodas - Docu Short

Adventure of the Spirit (Norway, 23’) - Mathias Ekornaas - Docu Short

TIMES (USA, 2’) - Anya Semenova - Super Short

Far East (Italy, 15’) - Cristina Puccinelli - Narrative Short

And We Get To Surf (USA, 5’) - Claire Graff - Gazes from the World

Balkan route - last stop (Italy, 30’) - Davide Ludovisi - Docu Short

Philippine Beat (Japan, 5’) - Koyo Sasaki - Gazes from the World

12 000 km (Sweden, 28’) - Erik Nylander - Docu Short

AUSONIA (1946-1961) (Italy, 9’) - Giulia Camba, Elisa Meloni - Gazes from the World

India Nepal 2020 (Russia, 2’) - Yulia Kuznetsova - Super Short

Roraima (USA, 2’) - Anabela Salcedo - Super Short

STICKER (Macedonia, 19’) - Georgi M. Unkovski - Narrative Short

Atlante (Italy, 5’) - Ludovico Vargiu - Gazes from the World

Some photos from the first edition of the festival.


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